Trone:What Elite Financial Advisors Will Be Valued For By 2020

Don Trone, CEO of 3ethos, wrote about how the future financial advisor will have to offer more in the future.

"The World Economic Forum recently released a new report entitled, The Future of Jobs and Skills. Included was a listing of the top 10 skills that will be valued most by 2020:

1. Complex problem solving 2. Critical thinking 3. Creativity 4. People management 5. Coordinating with others 6. Emotional intelligence 7. Judgement and decision-making 8. Service orientation 9. Negotiation 10. Cognitive flexibility

The capabilities described by this list can be summarized in two words: behavioral governance. What will matter most by 2020, no matter the industry sector or domain, will be a person’s ability to execute and amplify a prudent decision-making process.

What does the above have to do with elite financial advisors? Everything."

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