Trone: The Wages of Fear

3ethos CEO Don Trone wrote for Financial Advisor magazine how we may be approaching the public entirely wrong by using fear, uncertainty or deoubt instead of leading.

"To stand out, you need to lead. You need to demonstrate that you have the ability to marshal the resources required to support the unique requirements, goals and objectives of the client’s organization.

Consider the folktale I came across on the blog “Linked 2 Leadership.” It’s the story of a repairman who was called to a factory to see if he could fix an old broken boiler.

The repairman listened as the factory manager described the problems with the broken boiler, asked a few questions and then went off on his own to examine the boiler. After a while, the repairman pulled out his hammer and tapped the broken boiler in one particular place; with that, the boiler came back to life.

The C-suite wants proof that you know where to tap."

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