Trone: Coronavirus Leadership Tool Kit For Financial Advisors

3ethos CEO Don Trone published a leadership guide for financial advisors during the Coronavirus that was published in Barron's.

The coronavirus pandemic and its economic fallout are putting business leaders everywhere to the test, and financial advisors are no exception. Whether they’re scrambling to offer extra reassurance to frightened clients, rejiggering business operations to enable remote work and meetings, or assuaging the worries of junior team members, advisors are confronting multiple challenges all at once.

In this environment, the Investments & Wealth Institute, which provides advisors with advanced education and credentials such as the Certified Investment Management Analyst (CIMA), has offered its members a leadership guide titled, “During the Crisis.” Now the institute has agreed to share it with Barron’s Advisor readers. Consisting of 44 concise yet profound exhortations, the guide—penned by Don Trone, co-founder and CEO of 3ethos—can help you hone your leadership skills at a time when they’re needed most.

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