ThinkAdvisor: Is fiduciary the new floor?

3ethos CEO Don Trone was mentioned in an article for ThinkAdvisor quoting a presentation he gave to the FPA of Greater Rochester New York on how "the dishonest" have "camouflage" in the fiduciary standards.

don trone father of fiduciary behavioral governance

Of particular interest at this meeting was the speaker, my good friend Don Trone, who offered an intriguing title for his talk:  “The Dishonest have Discovered that the Best Camouflage is the Cloak of a Fiduciary Standard.”

He mentioned that, when he started in the business, fiduciary as a concept represented a ceiling to aspire to. In anticipation of the Department of Labor adopting its proposed fiduciary rule, Don predicted fiduciary will soon become the new floor in the business.

A link to the ThinkAdvisor complete article is here.


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