ThinkAdvisor: Don Trone Blasts Fiduciary Plan

3ethos CEO Don Trone was quoted in a ThinkAdvisor article by Melanie Waddell regarding the DOL' Fiduciary Rule, which despite intentions, would not protect investors.

don trone father of fiduciary behavioral governance

“I think research will show that over the last 15 to 20 years, fiduciaries have stolen more money from investors and retirement savers than brokers,” Trone, who has been steeped in fiduciary endeavors for the past 30 years via his founding of the Foundation for Fiduciary Studies, as principal founder of fi360, and now as head of 3ethos, told DOL executives. “Bernie Madoff was subject to a fiduciary standard, and, if he was here today, I think he would say that the department’s proposed rules would not have slowed him down.”

The full article is linked here.


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