The Duty To Improve; Ethical Leadership and Followers' Feedback Behavior

Dr. Sumanth and Dr. Hannah contributed to an article for the Journal of Business Ethics on how leaders can foster a 'duty to improve' in their leadership roles.

We sought to expand on the concept of the moral self to include not just the duty to develop the moral self but the moral duty to develop the self in both moral and non-moral ways. To do this, we focused on how leaders can promote a climate in which individuals feel a sense of duty to develop themselves for the betterment of the team and organization.

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Moss, S.E., Song, M., Hannah, S.T. et al. The Duty to Improve Oneself: How Duty Orientation Mediates the Relationship Between Ethical Leadership and Followers’ Feedback-Seeking and Feedback-Avoiding Behavior. J Bus Ethics (2019) doi:10.1007/s10551-018-4095-8