If The Coast Guard Manual Was Written By Fiduciary Regulators...

3ethos CEO Don Trone wrote about his experience speaking at TD Ameritrade's Fiduciary Leadership Summit and hearing "troubling sound bites" on what experts meant for fiduciary rules and regulations.

"What if the Coast Guard’s search and rescue manual was prepared along the lines of suggestions made at the TD Ameritrade summit? It might read something like this:

-You have the option of deciding the conditions under which you are willing to risk your life. For example, as long as you notify the public in advance, it is permissible to state that you are only willing to fly when there are blue skies and calm seas.

-You are permitted to ascertain the net worth of any party desiring to be rescued. If it is determined that a party has investable assets of less than $50,000, you have the option of throwing the party back into the water.

-Legal counsel has prepared a 32-page disclosure and limited liability document which we are now requiring the public to sign in advance of any rescue attempt.”

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