Father of Fiduciary Reveals What Investors Want Instead Of A Fiduciary

3ethos CEO Don Trone was interviewed by FiduciaryNews.com on why 403(k) plan sponsors and investors want something more than what most fiduciary rules provide.

FN: Tell us a little about your background and how you came to embrace the concept of “fiduciary.”

Trone: I began my love affair with “fiduciary” in 1987 when I wrote my Master’s thesis The Integration of a Fiduciary Standard into an Investment Advisory Practice. That was 27 years ago and the thesis has served as my primary outline for all the books I have written, or coauthored, since; including, LeaderMetrics, Freedom from Wealth, Fiduciary Ethos, The Management of Native American Investment Decisions, Prudent Investment Practices, The Management of Investment Decisions, and Procedural Prudence.

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