Behavioral Governance Boot Camp

The 3ethos West Point leadership boot camp was discussed at Financial Advisor IQ with comments from participating advisors.

So Trone thinks advisors should try to go beyond mere reliability to stand out from the crowd. As an analogy, he notes that the Coast Guard earned plaudits for its work during the Hurricane Katrina emergency in 2005, while other government service agencies -- FEMA and Homeland Security especially -- were widely panned.

The reason, according to Trone: the Coast Guard has “a well-defined ethos.” Members are focused on its overarching mission of going where there’s trouble and rescuing people by any means called for. So, unlike other organizations, the Coast Guard didn’t look to national or regional commands for instructions during the post-Katrina chaos. The Coast Guard culture told members what to do “even when cut off” from headquarters, Trone says.

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