What is the Behavioral Governance Society (BGS)?

Behavioral Governance Society is...


  • A universal society and mark of higher professional standards and members who accept them voluntarily.

  • Improving outcomes for consumers, members, and industry via the advancement of leadership, stewardship, and governance study. 

  • An online community of advisors committed to increasing professional standards and public perception through Behavioral Governance. 

3ethos administers the Behavioral Governance Society and L5 mark. 

L5 Training


L5 MasterClass

November 30 2020

Manila, Philippines

New World Hotel Makati

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L5 Behavioral Governance Training

December 1-2 2020

Manila, Philippines

New World Hotel Makati

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2019 L5 APAFS Masterclass

2019 L5 APAFS Masterclass

What is our purpose?

The L5 and Behavioral Governance Instrument training will:

  • Accelerate the development of exemplary leaders, stewards, and key decision-makers.

  • Advance professional standards for those who have legal, financial, professional, or moral liability for their decisionmaking process.

  • Prepare members to administer and debrief the Behavioral Governance Instrument.

  • Advance participants knowledge of Behavioral Governance including:

    • Coaching and consulting

    • Stewardship Behaviors and Neurological Markers

    • High Performing Teams

    • Neuro-Leadership and Psychometrics to Develop exemplary fiduciaries

Behavioral Governance Is The Solution

70% of strategic failures are due to poor execution of leadership. It's rarely for lack of smarts or vision.

Ram Charan

Execution: The Discipline of Getting Things Done

What is L5?

The mark for members in good standing who complete the L5 training and commit to continuing education and use of the BG Instrument in their practices. ​

L5 members benefit from: 


  • The latest neurological and psychological research that is being conducted to help accelerate the development of exemplary leaders and stewards. 

  • Applying this research to engage more effectively with key decision-makers - committees, boards, asset owners, staff, and teams.

  • Utilizing the BG Instrument to improve decision-making outcomes associated with legal, regulatory, and industry standards of care - fiduciary, governance, professional, or project management standards.


L5 is influenced from the work of Jim Collins, author of the best-selling leadership book Good to Great.


In turn, 3ethos formed the Behavioral Governance Society for academic researchers and exemplary professionals who are passionate about the study of the interrelationships between leadership, stewardship, and governance. To Mr. Collins’ credit, and an example of his own exemplary leadership, he had no objections to L5 being their mark.


L5 is a mark for life-long learners who are committed to developing exemplary leaders, stewards, and decision-makers.

Be the inspiration for moral, ethical, and prudent decision-making.

How will this improve my practice?

  • Be on the cutting edge of the industry, alongside BG thought-leaders and like-minded peers.

  • Connect with a community of advisors with specialties in various institutional and individual financial practices.

  • Online discussion forums to connect with other L5 members 

  • Marketing advantages and materials, including listing on this website. 

  • Use of the BG Instrument to provide feedback to decision makers.

  • Instrument 360⁰ Reports provide feedback from clients on your personal BG attributes.

  • Membership in an elite group of advisors committed to changing the industry and consumer outcomes for the better.  


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